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Your step-by-step guide to building a six-figure amazon arbITRAGE BUSINESS



Amazon arbitrage lets everyday people make money in e-commerce without running paid ads or even creating their own unique product


My friend Miles and I both sell millions of dollars yearly in brand-name products that we buy from sites like Walmart, Target, and more

Over 50% of items on Amazon come from third-party sellers - that means you and I

Even if you have a 9-5, limited budget, and no experience.


Miles and I have created the complete guide to Amazon arbitrage and break down how you can build an Amazon empire of your own

Miles tried a ton of side hustles...

Less than a year into Amazon arbitrage, he was doing months like these:


I sold over $600k in a year as a full-time college student 
made close to $20k profit in december alone:


I don't say that to brag, but to show you that it IS possible for everyday, busy people

The FBA Roadmap contains the exact systems that Miles and I use to create a full-time income working on our own schedule

You're just a few products away from making a serious change in your income...


We show you how to find products that you can consistently buy over and over to generate $10k+ PROFIT off one profitable lead - we both have items like this!


Finding those products and knowing what to do with them can be tricky though 


That's why we want to teach you easily repeatable systems to:


This is the COMPLETE blueprint to making money with Amazon arbitrage:

  • Setting up your Amazon account correctly

  • Ungating categories other sellers don't have access to

  • Listing and shipping products to Amazon

  • Consistently and predictably sourcing profitable items

  • Leveraging software to save time and earn more money

  • Acquiring capital to scale efficiently

Shooting Star

It's everything we wished we had when we were starting

This course contains everything from sending your first shipment to next-level sourcing techniques that we've developed very recently for our own businesses

It's perfect for both beginner and advanced sellers

Course modules include:

📌 Amazon Basics

📌 Getting ungated (categories and major brands)

📌 How to get free shipping supplies

📌 In-depth guides of all the essential software

📌 Keepa Product Finder

📌 Tactical Arbitrage Masterclass

📌 Amazon Account Health

📌 Seller Central Basics

📌 HOURS Of Live Sourcing

📌 Credit Card Strategy

📌 Storefront Stalking Sourcing

📌 Reverse Sourcing

📌 Secret High-Power Sourcing Strategies

📌 Getting Your First Wholesale Accounts

📌 Advanced OA Strategy For Avoiding Order Cancellations

📌 Spotting and Avoiding Price Tanking

📌 Meltables, Hazmat, and Expansion into .ca and .mx

and MUCH more.

20+ hours of money-making content, and we continue to add to the course as we learn new methods!

We have no Lambos or expensive lifestyle 

but we do have the knowledge that has helped generate millions in profit for those using our systems.

Private Discord

$97/mo Value!

Join hundreds of other Amazon sellers in our private discord.


Software Discounts

$25 Value!

An EXCLUSIVE one-month free trial of BQool & several discounts on popular software we use in our own six-figure profit businesses.


Master Ungating Guide

$497 Value!

Suppliers for major categories (Grocery, Beauty, Health and Household, Toys, etc.) and premium brands like Nike, Adidas, LEGO, Disney, Star Wars, Funko, Marvel, Pokemon, and MORE

Student Success Interviews

$197 Value!

Learn from several student success stories now earning thousands in profit monthly.

Job Interview

Expert Training w/ 7 Figure Sellers

$347 Value!

Several bonus interviews with successful full-time Amazon sellers in our network.


$2k Profit in a Day Book Sourcing Strategy

$97 Value!

An exact repeatable secret strategy that Fields of Profit uses to make $2,000+ in a day with textbooks

Colorful Books

Negotiated Prep Rates

Save $0.35 per unit for LIFE

Special discounted prep rates for course members

Image by Mak💛💙

Copy and Paste Templates

$67 Value!

A template that we use to beat IP complaints with retail receipts and a template for when the customer claims they did not receive their items...

IP Complaints (1).png

We've helped Thousands generate life-changing income through our methods

but Don't take it from us

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