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Let us do the online arbitrage sourcing for you!

Whether you are a new seller or running an expanding arbitrage empire, one thing is clear:

You must find highly profitable products to sell, but finding them is HARD

That’s where our highly-researched leads list comes into play

Instead of pouring over Amazon listings for hours a day, you could be waking up every weekday to a new round of profitable products

This list is limited to 30 people, which is MUCH lower than the industry average - this helps safeguard your profit from listings swarmed with other sellers

Basic stats of the leads:

  • 5+ profitable leads every weekday

  • $3+ profit per unit

  • Minimum return on investment (ROI) 35%+

  • Sales per month 30+

  • No Hazmat products

  • Vetted with two IP protection softwares to keep your account healthy

  • These leads are all something we would use in our own business

These leads WILL take your business to the next level, but don’t take it from us:

“Waking up to @fieldsofprofit and @flips4miles leads list is easy profit. Absolute fire #cashmoney” -@Samresellking

“I have been following you guys for 4 month[s] been in the leads list. Thank you both for making me a $35k seller now” -GameRoom36

“Hey Warner I … quickly saw you put out some of the best leads for a starting seller, currently signed on [popular leads group] which is alright but a bit advanced given the level of ungating required not to mention the competition by the amount of subscribers they allow. Just tried [other popular leads group] and they are literally trying to upsell so much [stuff] and their leads are consistently less than 30% ROl..?? … Your leads list for me as a beginner is consistent throughout the month, great ROI, and not to mention some stuff is ungated allowing me to start recouping my monthly investment. Kudos” - Hugo

NOTE: These leads are in a variety of categories, so we recommend being ungated in grocery and beauty at least - you can do these fairly easily with a wholesale order from Frontier Co-op or Weiners Ltd. You can also reference the ungating section of the Discord or message us personally if you get stuck on a particular brand or category ungate.

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